cropped-cropped-20170120_203443You have a story to tell.  Let us help you share it with the world. 

You’ve spent years perfecting your manuscript and now you want to hold your book in your hands.  You want to give a copy to friends and family.   You want to introduce your ideas and your stories to readers across the globe.  That’s your dream.

But you have seen too many obstacles to traditional publishing.  You are expected to write the prefect query letter to catch the eye of that overworked agent.  It has to be clever and snappy and sum up your entire manuscript in one paragraph.  That’s what all the experts are telling you, right?

That’s what all the experts told me.

22 August Press knows how you feel.  

Carolyn O’Neal of 22 August Press opening manuscript that author Milton Jones had stored under his bed for years…but now his novel is available on Amazon!

That’s why I started 22 August Press.  I want to help writers publish.  I am looking for manuscripts, not query letters.

Send me your manuscript and I will take a look.  Together we will edit it, create a cover for it, and publish it.   Together we’ll put it on Amazon and Kindle.  Together we’ll set up a marketing plan.  Your success is my success. Email 22AugustPress@gmail.com for more information.