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Ultimate Obsession


“… historical fiction set in the late 1940’s, in Virginia.  It intertwines history, romance, and the struggle between idealism and reality in the post-World War 2 world.  The main characters are graduating college students, Beth and James.  Beth is a history major at a time when few women were welcome in college, James is a poet with mental health issues.  At first, she is repulsed by his abrasive nature but ultimately she is drawn to his originality and insight….”                                                                                      ~Carolyn O’Neal


Cover of terry per create spaceAuthor Carolyn O’Neal based TERRY AND THE MONSTER-BEATERS on her own experience with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  She is the author of the young adult novel, KINGSLEY.


Pamela Evans is an illustrator, author, and preschool teacher. During her 30 years of teaching Pam has developed and run many Children Art and Music programs. Pam is the author of THE PRESCHOOL PARENT PRIMER.


When Terry’s sunshine isn’t as bright as usual, she seeks the advice of a Blue Wizard, A Magic Scope, and a Green Sage (because it’s always good to get a second opinion.) From them, Terry learns that an invisible monster is nibbling on her.  They tell her to go to the Monster-Beaters to drive away the monster.  Terry travels to a castle and through a mysterious maze to find the masked Monster-Beaters.  Terry is afraid but she discovers that even though the Monster-Beaters look scary, they are smart, helpful, and kind.